HKWarnings v2.4 Update

HKWarnings v2.4 is ready for download.

What’s new:


  • iPhone/iPod 5 – The interface now supports the 4-inch screen on the 5th generation iPhone/iPod

All platforms

  • Added a messaging system to display any system status notifications
  • Enhanced Accessibility code
  • Enhanced ad display code
  • General memory management enhancements
  • Fixed in-app purchase crash
  • Fixed some other potential crashers
  • Corrected some Chinese translations
  • Interface tweaks and fixes
  • New loading messages


HKWarnings v2.3 Update

HKWarnings v2.3 is ready for download.

What’s new:

All platforms

  • Can now set Quiet Time for push notifications in Settings->Push Settings
  • Can now opt out of certain warnings. Don’t want to get an alert when there is a Red Fire warning? Just deselect it in Settings->Push Settings->Select Warning Alerts
  • Fixed some crashers, memory leaks and analyzer warnings
  • Some small interface tweaks
  • New loading messages
  • iOS 6 compatibility improvements


  • Reduced start up time
  • Major memory usage improvements on iPad1/2
  • General memory management enhancements
  • Further image caching improvements
  • Enhanced progress HUD when loading images

HKWarnings Push Notification Settings Demo (iPad)

How to set Push Notification settings in HKWarnings (iPad)

  • Switch push notifications on or off
  • Set a quiet time for push notifications – during this period you will not receive push notifications alerts
  • Select only the warnings you want to receive

Hmmmm – I’m not very happy with the compression they seem to do on Vimeo.

This link might work for a better version. Or go here and click download.

HKWarnings v2.2 Update

HKWarnings v2.2 is ready for download.

What’s new:

  • iOS 6 compatible
  • Major code refactor for performance
  • Added Facebook sharing (iOS6+ only)
  • Enhanced image caching
  • Reduced network usage
  • Location aware – prompts to turn off push notifications if outside of HK, if you wish.
  • Fixed a few crashers, memory leaks and analyzer warnings

HKWarnings v2.1.5 Update

HKWarnings v2.1.5 is ready for download.

What’s new:

[NEW] Tap warning images – can now take you to the details page and also give you a generic description of the warning
[CHANGE] More efficient network code
[CHANGE] More efficient logic here and there
[CHANGE] Cosmetic fixes to details screen
[FIX] A few crash fixes
[FIX] In-app purchase screen button fixes
[FIX] Memory usage reductions
[FIX] Better handling of memory warnings
[FIX] Memory leaks fixed

HKWarnings v2.1.4 Approved

HKWarnings v2.1.4 is ready for download.

What’s new:

[NEW] Now uses a proper Web viewer to load Web page links
[FIX] Fixed background colour on iOS6 Web pages
[FIX] Fixed a few memory leaks
[CHANGE] Updated Google Ad library to latest version

[NEW] Added links to JMA, Taiwan CMA and ECMWF
[FIX] Improved memory management
[FIX] Better threading and use of animation blocks
[FIX] Fixed display logic for > 4 warnings in force

[FIX] Ensure correct loading of radar/satellite images on home screen