HKWarnings v2.1.2 Approved

HKWarnings v2.1.2 is ready for download.

What’s new:

[NEW] A screen listing all the different startup messages
[FIX] Numerous crash fixes
[CHANGE] Streamlined app startup logic
[CHANGE] Memory usage reductions
[CHANGE] Reduced network usage
[CHANGE] Enhanced in-app purchase logic

[FIX] Warning screen layout fixed for when there are more than 4 weather warnings in force
[FIX] Prevent double loading of in-app store data in some rare cases
[FIX] Bug prevented user sending feedback email from the Info screen

[CHANGE] Faster loading of radar/satellite images on home screen
[FIX] Prevent users from tapping both satellite and radar images at the same time

There is, however, an issue with this version, on occasion, the call to register for push notification fails and the app crashes. I haven’t observed many of these crashes. I’ve fixed and am submitting a new version to Apple and will plead for a speedy review.

HKWarnings v2.1.1 Approved (Finally)

After a long two weeks waiting for review with Apple, HKWarnings v2.1.1 is ready for download.

What’s new:

[FIX] Streamlined network activity to reduce crashes
[FIX] More defensive code in certain areas to reduce crashes
[FIX] Fixed some memory leaks
[FIX] Correctly set the network activity indicator in all circumstances
[FIX] Some iOS6 fixes

[CHANGE] Reduced memory usage
[CHANGE] Extra crash logging
[CHANGE] Some small interface tweaks
[CHANGE] Optimised UALib library (for push notifications)
[CHANGE] Removed SecureUDID until fixed for iOS6

HKWarnings v2.1 Submitted To Apple

There were quite a few items I skipped to get v2.0 out into the wild, so I’ve quickly developed v2.1 to address some of the things missed. Coming soon:

iPhone and iPad
[NEW] Weather forecast popover/screen
[NEW] Special weather tip popover/screen
[FIX] Chinese fixes
[FIX] Memory usage improvements
[FIX] Bug fixes
[FIX] Fixed currency code on in-app purchase screen

[FIX] iPhone now rotates properly (still portrait only though)

[NEW] Rainfall and wind (speed, direction, gusts)
[NEW] Radar images are larger
[NEW] Added a legend popover for the radar screen
[NEW] Added time label to top of radar screen
[NEW] Removed Special Weather Tip from main menu
[FIX] Typhoon mode works for sat/radar, weather forecast, special tip, rain, wind
[FIX] Localised UV to Chinese
[FIX] Fixed TC track image width
[FIX] Reduced memory usage
[FIX] URL loading crasher
[FIX] In-app purchase product loading crasher

HKWarnings v2.0 – Now For iPad

After months of work, HKWarnings v2.0 is now a Universal iPhone/iPod/iPad app and is now ready for download.

The iPad version shows the warnings, plus current weather, radar and satellite images and has links to other weather agency typhoon tracks. Click on the “Menu” button. And maybe on the “heart” icon?

IMPORTANT NOTE: HKWarnings now only runs on devices running iOS 5.0 or greater. If you are running iOS 4.x, iTunes will not let you upgrade, but if you have, for example, two devices, one running 5.0+ and one running 4.x, if you upgrade on the 5.0+ device, when you next sync your 4.x device, HKWarnings will be removed from the 4.x device. This is an iTunes ‘feature’ I’m afraid.

Other screenshots below. User guide coming soon…

Other screens: