HKWarnings Version History

v1.0 – 15th May 2010

Initial Release – displays current warning, warning details and any typhoon track images. Is there a T8 yet?!

v1.1 – 7th June 2010


  • Localised for Traditional Chinese (need to switch phone language to Trad. Chinese)
  • Added “Rate on iTunes” link
  • If there is a “Go Home” warning (T8 for example) – can now choose to play a warning siren (option on main iPhone Settings screen)
  • Added the ability to email the warning pages HTML source (used for debugging problems)
  • Added a couple of new loading messages
  • Added Tell a Friend
  • Added Extras section with Tell a Friend and Email Warning Page
  • Moved warning language setting to the built-in Settings application (i.e. the main iPhone Settings screen)
  • Is now a navigation based app – the About/Disclaimer/Extras screens should slide onto the screen and the Extras screen has a top navigation bar
  • Sending email is now done within the app. No need to exit to send an email.


  • Fixed issue with the warning text layout for long warnings – previously truncated the warning
  • A few interface tweaks
  • Fixed a small memory leak
v1.2 – 18th June 2010
  • Push notifications. Now when the HK Observatory issues a weather warning a notification is sent to your iPhone. You’ll know straight away if there is a T8 and it’s time to go home!
  • iOS 4 compatible.
v1.3 – 24th June 2010
  • Double tap warning screen to refresh
  • Accessibility


  • Fixed typhoon tracking image display issue

v1.4 – 10th July 2010


  • Redesigned the details screen so it works on iPhone 4 and generally looks better
  • Trying out iAds – want to see what Apple ads look like?
  • New loading messages
  • Improved layout of warning messages
  • Added Twitter link
  • Improved navigation on About/Disclaimer screens
  • Added settings into the app – so you can change from within rather than having to go to the Settings app


  • Fixed a crash when a certain warning text was blank
  • Fixed a crash triggered by the extras screen

v1.5 – 23rd July 2010


  • Can now pinch/double tap to zoom in on the typhoon track images
  • Typhoon Mode – for when the HK Observatory web servers are slow/busy – you can point at HKWarnings servers


  • Timeout extended for slow network connections

v1.6 – 2nd Aug 2010


  • Satellite images in Info->Extras
  • New loading messages
  • Retina display resolution icon
  • AdMob ads – checking them out – need to keep the servers running somehow


  • Minor interface tweaks and fixes
  • Fixed typhoon label for when there is no typhoon nearby

v1.7 – 1st Sep 2010

  • Layout fixes
  • Minor navigation changes
  • Removed “Email Warning Pages” – it was for debugging
  • New loading messages

 v1.8 – 10th Nov 2010

  • High res tab icons
  • Clearer registration error msg

v1.9 – 16th Feb 2011

  • Updated AdMob code
  • New loading messages

v1.9.2 – 2nd May 2011

  • New loading messages
  • New logging code for simple usage stats (not visible to users)

v1.9.3 – 16th May 2011

  • Now shows current temperature, relative humidity and weather
  • Displays an icon for the current weather
  • Can choose to display temperature in Fahrenheit
  • Added graphic for flooding
  • Fixed a blank screen issue that could occur on first run
  • New loading messages
  • Localisation improvements
  • Other bug fixes

v1.9.4 – 26th May 2011

  • Now displays correct weather icons at night

v1.9.5 – 28th June 2011

  • Fixed a crash occurring on iOS 4.0/4.0.1/4.0.2/4.1
  • Better layout of typhoon track images
  • New loading messages

v1.9.6 – 12th October 2011

  • This release is simply for iOS 5 compatibility.

v1.9.7 – 11th November 2011

  • iPhone 4S tweaks only

v1.9.8 – 26th February 2012

  • Bug fixes
  • iOS 4.0+ only (code tidy)
  • New loading messages

NOTE: HKWarnings v1.9.8 now only runs on devices running iOS 4.0 or greater. If you are running iOS 3.x, iTunes will not let you upgrade, but if you have, for example, two devices, one running 4.0+ and one running 3.x, if you upgrade on the 4.0+ device, when you next sync your 3.x device, HKWarnings will be removed from the 3.x device. This is an iTunes ‘feature’ I’m afraid.

v1.9.80 – 4th March 2012

  • Recompiled with correct provisioning profile to switch Push Notifications back on

v1.9.90 – 22nd March 2012

  • [NEW] Share: if there is a warning, you can tap on the warning icon and tweet/SMS/email
  • [NEW] Higher resolution images
  • [NEW] To reload the warnings, double click on the warnings tab in the tab bar at the bottom
  • [NEW] Info tab is now broken out into 2 tabs: Info and Settings – easier to get at the Settings
  • [NEW] If you have Twitter installed, the “Follow on Twitter” option should open Twitter, if not, it will open Safari
  • [FIX] Various bug fixes and performance enhancements

v1.9.91 – 14th April 2012

  • [NEW] In-App Purchase – remove adverts and help me with development and server costs
  • [NEW] Typhoon indicator on main warning screen (if you have paid to remove the ads)
  • [CHANGE] Handle new HKO weather forecast format
  • [MANDATORY] Removed call to [[UIDevice currentDevice] uniqueIdentifier] (deprecated in iOS5)

v1.9.92 – 23rd April 2012

  • [CHANGE] Now validates In-App purchase receipts correctly

v2.0 – 28th June 2012

  • Now a universal iPhone/iPad app
  • Requires iOS 5.0+
  • The iPad version shows the warnings, plus current weather, radar and satellite images and has links to other weather agency typhoon tracks

NOTE: HKWarnings now only runs on devices running iOS 5.0 or greater. If you are running iOS 4.x, iTunes will not let you upgrade, but if you have, for example, two devices, one running 5.0+ and one running 4.x, if you upgrade on the 5.0+ device, when you next sync your 4.x device, HKWarnings will be removed from the 4.x device. This is an iTunes ‘feature’ I’m afraid.

v2.1 – 13th July 2012

iPhone and iPad

  • [NEW] Weather forecast popover/screen
  • [NEW] Special weather tip popover/screen
  • [FIX] Chinese fixes
  • [FIX] Memory usage improvements
  • [FIX] Bug fixes
  • [FIX] Fixed currency code on in-app purchase screen


  • [FIX] iPhone now rotates properly (still portrait only though)
  • [NEW] Rainfall and wind (speed, direction, gusts)
  • [NEW] Radar images are larger
  • [NEW] Added a legend popover for the radar screen
  • [NEW] Added time label to top of radar screen
  • [NEW] Removed Special Weather Tip from main menu
  • [FIX] Typhoon mode works for sat/radar, weather forecast, special tip, rain, wind
  • [FIX] Localised UV to Chinese
  • [FIX] Fixed TC track image width
  • [FIX] Reduced memory usage
  • [FIX] URL loading crasher
  • [FIX] In-app purchase product loading crasher
v2.1.1 – 27th July 2012
  • [FIX] Streamlined network activity to reduce crashes
  • [FIX] More defensive code in certain areas to reduce crashes
  • [FIX] Fixed some memory leaks
  • [FIX] Correctly set the network activity indicator in all circumstances
  • [FIX] Some iOS6 fixes
  • [CHANGE] Reduced memory usage
  • [CHANGE] Extra crash logging
  • [CHANGE] Some small interface tweaks
  • [CHANGE] Optimised UALib library (for push notifications)
  • [CHANGE] Removed SecureUDID until fixed for iOS6

v2.1.2 – 7th August 2012


  • [NEW] A screen listing all the different startup messages
  • [FIX] Numerous crash fixes
  • [CHANGE] Streamlined app startup logic
  • [CHANGE] Memory usage reductions
  • [CHANGE] Reduced network usage
  • [CHANGE] Enhanced in-app purchase logic


  • [FIX] Warning screen layout fixed for when there are more than 4 weather warnings in force
  • [FIX] Prevent double loading of in-app store data in some rare cases
  • [FIX] Bug prevented user sending feedback email from the Info screen


  • [CHANGE] Faster loading of radar/satellite images on home screen
  • [FIX] Prevent users from tapping both satellite and radar images at the same time

v2.1.3 – 8th August 2012

This was an emergency fix for some users having issues with a crash on startup related to push notification registration.

v2.1.4 – 17th August 2012


  • [NEW] Now uses a proper Web viewer to load Web page links
  • [FIX] Fixed background colour on iOS6 Web pages
  • [FIX] Fixed a few memory leaks
  • [CHANGE] Updated Google Ad library to latest version


  • [NEW] Added links to JMA, Taiwan CMA and ECMWF
  • [FIX] Improved memory management
  • [FIX] Better threading and use of animation blocks
  • [FIX] Fixed display logic for > 4 warnings in force


  • [FIX] Ensure correct loading of radar/satellite images on home screen

v2.1.5 – 12th September 2012

  • [NEW] Tap warning images – can now take you to the details page and also give you a generic description of the warning
  • [CHANGE] More efficient network code
  • [CHANGE] More efficient logic here and there
  • [CHANGE] Cosmetic fixes to details screen
  • [FIX] A few crash fixes
  • [FIX] In-app purchase screen button fixes
  • [FIX] Memory usage reductions
  • [FIX] Better handling of memory warnings
  • [FIX] Memory leaks fixed

v2.2 – 19th September 2012

  • iOS 6 compatible
  • Major code refactor for performance
  • Added Facebook sharing (iOS6+ only)
  • Enhanced image caching
  • Reduced network usage
  • Location aware – prompts to turn off push notifications if outside of HK, if you wish.
  • Fixed a few crashers, memory leaks and analyzer warnings
v2.3 – 10th October 2012

All platforms

  • Can now set Quiet Time for push notifications in Settings->Push Settings
  • Can now opt out of certain warnings. Don’t want to get an alert when there is a Red Fire warning? Just deselect it in Settings->Push Settings->Select Warning Alerts
  • Fixed some crashers, memory leaks and analyzer warnings
  • Some small interface tweaks
  • New loading messages
  • iOS 6 compatibility improvements


  • Reduced start up time
  • Major memory usage improvements on iPad1/2
  • General memory management enhancements
  • Further image caching improvements
  • Enhanced progress HUD when loading images

v2.4 – 20th Oct 2012

 All platforms

  • Added a messaging system to display any system status notifications
  • Enhanced Accessibility code
  • Enhanced ad display code
  • General memory management enhancements
  • Fixed in-app purchase crash
  • Fixed some other potential crashers
  • Corrected some Chinese translations
  • Interface tweaks and fixes
  • New loading messages


  • iPhone/iPod 5 – The interface now supports the 4-inch screen on the 5th generation iPhone/iPod

v2.5 – 1st February 2013

  • Now requires iOS 6.0
  • Utilise iOS 6 Social framework
  • Utilise iOS 6 ActivityView
  • Reduced start up time
  • Enhanced image caching
  • Fixed some crashers
  • Updated Google Ad library to latest version

v2.6 – 7th February 2013

  • Interface tweaks and fixes
  • Networking fixes
  • Open in Chrome (if installed) for web views
  • Fixed some potential crashers
  • Better registration of default settings
  • Reduced network usage
  • Reduced start up time
  • Reduced binary size
  • Further Xcode 4.6 and iOS 6 compatibility

v2.7 – 22nd February 2013

  • Bug fixes
  • Updated Push Notification library
  • Updated Google Ad library

v2.8 – 9th March 2013

  • Bug fixes
  • Improved in-app purchase validation logic
  • Updated crash reporting library

v2.9 – 4th April 2013

  • Fixed URL Protocol mutation crash
  • Updated Push Notification library
  • Updated crash reporting library
  • Enhanced network code
  • Reduced binary size

v2.9.1 – 10th May 2013

  • Various new icons
  • Bug fixes
  • Updated Crash reporting library
  • Updated Google Ad library
  • Reduced binary size

v2.9.2 – 6th June 2013

  • Bug fixes related to tap recognition
  • Updated Crash reporting library

v2.9.3 – 13th June 2013

  • Bug fixes for In-App Purchase manager and satellite viewer
  • Updated Crash reporting library

v2.9.4 – 10th July 2013

  • Bug fixes
  • Updated Crash reporting library
  • Improved memory management

v2.9.5 – 18th July 2013

  • Optimised images
  • Bug fixes
  • Reduced binary size
  • Icon fixes for iOS7

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