HKWarnings v1.1 Submitted For Review

I just submitted v1.1 to the AppStore for review.


  • Localised for Traditional Chinese (need to switch phone language to Trad. Chinese: ????)
  • Added “Rate on iTunes” link
  • If there is a “Go Home” warning (T8 for example) – can now choose to play a warning siren (option on main iPhone Settings screen)
  • Added the ability to email the warning pages HTML source (used for debugging problems)
  • Added a couple of new loading messages
  • Added Tell a Friend
  • Added Extras section with Tell a Friend and Email Warning Page
  • Moved warning language setting to the built-in Settings application (i.e. the main iPhone Settings screen)
  • Is now a navigation based app – the About/Disclaimer/Extras screens should slide onto the screen and the Extras screen has a top navigation bar
  • Sending email is now done within the app. No need to exit to send an email.


  • Fixed issue with the warning text layout for long warnings – previously truncated the warning
  • A few interface tweaks
  • Fixed a small memory leak

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