HKWarnings! Beta 3

Changes to iPhone app:

  • Got all T8 warning images now and new hot/cold images.
  • Added a Tropical Cyclone Track view.
  • Point app at my new middle tier that is in HK. It should be a lot quicker to load (sub one second)
  • Fixed a couple of leaks.
  • Added parse and total timings for info on the detail screen.

Changes to middle tier:

  • Moved to a HK server. Show me the quickness!
  • Parses the typhoon tracking page to get the img src refs for the typhoon track images.

Potential issues:

  • The TC Track view on the app was only tested during the last typhoon. Could be dodgy. They should reload if the track images change, but not tested live.
  • The TC Track parsing code has only been tested against one typhoon. Could also be dodgy!
  • I spotted 3 warnings in force the other night, but the app only showed one. The HK Observatory had changed the warnings before I could debug it. So still an issue.
  • The warning text font size on the main page will change depending on the length of the warning. Looks rubbish. Need to fix.
  • Still not got a new default image, icon, landslip, fire, monsoon warning images.

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