HKWarnings! too slow

Not sure what’s going on with the app. It’s suddenly become very slow when retrieving the HK Observatory web page data.

The PHP script was timing out, meaning the app received 404 errors. I increased the timeout, so I’m no longer seeing 404s, but it’s all over the place time-wise.

Sometimes it takes 1.5 seconds, sometimes 35 seconds. I won’t use it at 35 seconds, so no one else will!

It has to be network related. The HK Observatorysite loads just fine and very fast at the moment, so it’s got to be due to the hops to my server, then to the HK Observatory┬ásite, back to the server, then back to the phone.

I’m going to investigate a host based in HK.

Other apps that seem to go directly to the HK Observatory site (HK Weather, iWeatherHK) are working just fine at the moment.


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