HKWarnings v1.6 Submitted For Review


  • New layout – Displays up to four warnings
  • Satellite images in Info->Extras
  • New loading messages
  • Retina display resolution icon
  • AdMob ads – checking them out – need to keep the servers running somehow!


  • Minor UI tweaks and fixes
  • Fixed typhoon label for when there is no typhoon nearby

iPhone App Settings

An observation on iPhone app settings usage.

Previously,for HKWarnings, when the warning language preference was in the main iPhone Settings app, only 20% of HKWarnings users chose to display the warnings in Chinese. Since the last release, you can change the language preference from within the app. Now 50% of people use the Chinese language preference.

I received a couple of curt feedback emails saying things like “Rubbish! English ONLY!”

However, since v1.1 it has has Chinese localisation – people just didn’t know.

This goes to show, from my data, that many people don’t  check the available options in the Settings app.


Over 3000 downloads! Thanks everyone.

Number of unique devices = 3068
Number of visits = 34600

OS version:
3.0 => 30
3.1 => 10
3.1.1 => 2
3.1.2 => 220
3.1.3 => 1248
3.2 => 70
4.0 => 1385

Device type:
iPhone => 2676
iPad => 70
iPod Touch => 322

App Version:
1.0 => 429
1.1 => 241
1.2 => 154
1.3 => 539
1.3 => 1705

It’s Typhoon Time

The first typhoon of the season is upon us:

Not a direct hit though.

There were 460 downloads of HKWarnings yesterday; a total of around 900 in the last 3 days bringing the total ever to 2400. Not too bad!

A new version is coming soon that will enable you to zoom in on the typhoon track images.

Thanks everyone.

HKWarnings v1.4

I rejected the previous version of HKWarnings v1.4 – I discovered a couple of crashes and the details screen didn’t display properly on an iPhone 4.

Fixed and redesigned and just resubmitted for review.


– Redesigned the details screen so it works on iPhone 4 and generally looks better
– Trying out iAds – want to see what Apple ads look like?
– New loading messages
– Improved layout of warning messages
– Added Twitter link
– Improved navigation on About/Disclaimer screens
– Added settings into the app – so you can change from within rather than having to go to the Settings app


– Fixed a crash when a certain warning text was blank
– Fixed a crash triggered by the extras screen