Requiring iOS6 for HKWarnings

I’d like to require iOS 6 in the next release of HKWarnings. Supporting multiple OS versions, and now all of Apple’s new devices has meant writing quite a bit of code I could get rid of if I went iOS 6 only.

  • 64% of HKWarnings users have upgraded to iOS 6 already
  • 31% have devices that could run iOS6 but they haven’t upgraded yet (maybe something to do with the awful maps!)


  • Makes testing easier – should result in fewer bugs
  • Removal of all the “Refuctoring” code that’s crept in trying to support iOS 4/5/6
  • I’ll be able to use some of the iOS 6 only features


  • The first generation iPad cannot run iOS 6, so those users couldn’t upgrade. That’s around 2% of my users.

I think the numbers are high enough and the pros outweigh the cons.